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management development

In today’s economic climate, employers and employees find themselves coping with increasing pressures and competing demands. To survive in this challenging environment, both managers and staff need to be able to adapt quickly, and to anticipate and meet the changing needs of their organisations. Our tailor-made management development programmes have helped many companies create and foster a culture of effective leadership and performance, allowing them to achieve their objectives.

our management development services include:

Support and guidance for strategic planning and vision building:


Ensuring that your organisation can move forward successfully by checking the understanding and motivation between senior colleagues, while also creating a space to nurture strong working relationships.


Creative leadership programmes:


Helping you gain personal insight, confidence and better interpersonal skills which will give you a greater influence over others.


Management skills development workshops:


Giving you the skills that are essential to successfully coach, mentor and manage your team.

Management and leadership coaching


Facilitation of management team events:


Bringing together staff to create a whole team experience. Our events help resolve conflict, create cohesiveness and enhance relationships among team members.


Team building and maintenance:


Building commitment, broadening perceptions and giving your team the tools they need to ensure they follow through on agreed objectives.


Supervisory skills development:


Equipping new supervisors with the key skills required to work confidently and successfully. Our programmes will help you build confidence and internal resources for dealing effectively with supervisory challenges, such as isolation, conflict and the change in expectations associated with the new role.


Is ConsultEast right for you?




At ConsultEast we create tailor-made programmes to that deal uniquely with your situation and leave you with the tools to achieve both individual and organisational goals.



Management of change



Enhanced communication skills:



Conflict Management



Supervisory skills



Personal effectiveness



Individual learning



Developing and working with emotional intelligence



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