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helping teams and individuals overcome the barriers that prevent them from working to their full potential

Whatever your profession, the ability to bring the best out in people is one that is not only crucial to your own success, it is also very rewarding. At ConsultEast we provide training and qualifications in coaching to all industry sectors, supporting our clients every step of the way from choosing the right course to offering free aftercare through our best-practice groups. If you’re interested in being trained as a coach, have a look at our coaching skills and development pathway.

becoming a qualified coach through ConsultEast

If you are a manager or supervisor with line management responsibility for others then you use coaching and/or mentoring as part of your everyday role. Increasingly organisations and individuals recognise the value of coaching and mentoring in the development of performance – helping teams and individuals overcome the barriers that prevent them from working to their full potential. This is a positive for everyone involved: the individuals, the teams and the organisation.

5 day introductory coaching course


ConsultEast offer an extremely enjoyable introductory five-day learning programme covering different coaching approaches, ideal for anyone thinking of embarking on a coaching career.  This course gives you the time to practice your coaching in a confidential and controlled environment, with feedback and reflection to help enhance your performance.


Become qualified


At the end of the five-day Learning Programme you can decide whether to get an official qualification – the level appropriate to you will be discussed and chosen in consultation with your tutor - and if you decide to do the qualification there will be a further four days of workshops alongside individual tutorials to help support you in your endeavour.

Why train with ConsultEast?



Highly interactive accelerated learning - maximising memory, building skills and enhancing performance.



Training by some of the UK's leading coaches - highly skilled and experienced at facilitating learning



Cutting-edge approaches to coaching and huge toolbox of techniques - including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Solutions Focused Approach and Motivational Interviewing



Full follow through support from ConsultEast - including networking opportunities and supervision services



Practical, proven results with clear evidence of success and excellent feedback.



Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management


Diploma for Professional Management Coaches and Mentors


Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring


Diploma for Professional Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentors





also available from ConsultEast

THE MANAGER AS COACH                ILM Endorsed Programme



This course covers practical coaching skills for anyone in a line management or leadership position. It is designed to be delivered in house to your management team and can be tailored to meet your specific business objectives. Delivery in house reduces costs and can be extremely effective in bringing about a shift in managers attitudes and behaviours.


The course includes a substantial element of practice requiring your management team to coach each other in how to achieve your goals in the most efffective manner. Key skills learned include active listening and powerful questioning to clarify goals and build accountability in those charged with delivery.


As the course content closely follows our Step 1 introductory coaching course, managers who wish to achieve a qualification can go on to gain coaching qualifications.



All of ConsultEast's coaching qualifications are validated and quality controlled by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

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