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At ConsultEast we believe coaching is about change, action and achieving your goals. We specialise in management and executive coaching and have a track record in helping organisations achieve step changes in culture and performance.  Our team of qualified coaches can deliver individual coaching to address specific issues, or programmes aimed at generating changes in team and organisational climate.

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At ConsultEast we have helped people from all walks of life manage challenges and remove barriers that stop them being successful. Whether you are considering coaching for yourself, or a colleague, the information below will help you decide if coaching might be able to help.


What is Coaching?


Coaching makes use of non-judgmental conversations, techniques and action plans aimed at helping the coachee to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims and manage life change and personal challenges.


Coaching involves careful, attentive listening to the client’s needs and concerns. It is a process that identifies and uses the person’s own resources to help them move forward. The coach helps the person to manage their thinking and generate their own options for action.


Coaching is not a quick-fix – it is about helping the person find their own solutions and act on them.



Is Coaching right for you?


In business, the ability to help others manage challenges and remove obstacles is essential for success.


More and more it is accepted that the skills needed to be a strong leader and effective manager are the same skills that are required to be a successful coach.


Whatever your profession, the ability to bring out the best in people is crucial for your personal and organisational success. Release the energy and potential in yourself and your people by tackling the procrastination and thinking errors that hold us all back at times.


Areas that coaching might be able to help you with




Personal effectiveness issues






Tackling time management



Overcoming procrastination



Development into new roles



Joining a new team



Confidence issues



Conflict issues



Change issues



Promotional and succession issues


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