belbin team roles

identifying preferred team roles to create balanced, harmonious and high performance teams

Belbin Team Roles grew out of research, conducted by Professor Meredith Belbin of Cambridge, which set out to investigate why one team of high-calibre individuals performed excellently, while another team of similarly high-calibre individuals was unable to coordinate their efforts in a meaningful way.  Belbin identified 9 preferred team roles that we all share, and theorised that the best performing teams are those that have a good balance of all the preferred team roles within them.


Belbin Team Roles assessments examine each individual’s behavioural traits to determine what their preferred team role will be.  Knowing each team member’s preferred team role can help to assign them the roles they are best suited to, creating a balanced, harmonious and high performing unit.


The Belbin Team Roles evaluation take the form of a self-assessment questionnaire filled in by the individual (about 30 minutes), as well as observer assessment questionnaires filled in by friends and colleagues.  These observer assessments help to give a 360-degree view and will often highlight behavioural preferences that the individual is not aware of himself.


ConsultEast is a fully accredited Belbin Team Roles Assessment centre.


Belbin Team Role reports give a common language to help:




individuals form productive working relationships



to select and develop high-performing teams



to raise self-awareness and increase personal effectiveness



to identify talent in the workplace



to aid recruitment decisions





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